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We have expeditions from 2 to 6 days out of Bariloche, all in the most prestigious of Patagonian rivers. Our closest expeditions are in the upper Limay and Manso rivers, these rivers are about the same distance from Bariloche, yet are very different from one another.

The upper Limay runs from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean (West to East) and is a classic steppe river. The Manso, is a mountain river that runs through the Andes to the Pacific Ocean, drawing an amazing landscape with excellent fishing. About 2 hours driving from Bariloche, we have a group of rivers where we make our long expeditions the; Chimehuin, Collon Cura, Caleufu and Middel Limay. These rivers run through some of the largest and most famous estancias in the area. Wildlife is abundant and frequent encounters with Andean Condors, red stag, wild boar, foxes, Guanacos, and Ñandú can be expected. The wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and some of the best trout fishing in the world brings anglers from across the globe to our hallowed waters. The comparison of our area of Patagonia is often made to that of Wyoming or Montana 200 years ago prior to the settlement of man.

We tend to recommend fly fishing expeditions the most for a few reasons: You will experience the Most time on the water (You will fish the best time of the day for a shot at a large trophy fish; the last hour of daylight), less fishing pressure (due to the river’s access and remoteness) and an incredible experience sharing amazing moments during the day, as well as at night around the campfire while enjoying incredible food and wine.

Each day a crewmember will float ahead of the expedition in order to haul the supplies and equipment, as well as to have camp prepared for our arrival. You will be very comfortable with river accommodations including new spacious 6 person tents with cots, chairs, and tables, with lights in our dinner tents. Dare to experience this unique worldwide fishing trip with us and become part of our family.

An unforgettable experience in the Bariloche Argentine Patagonia

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