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We at Fly Fishing, invite you to visit Patagonia, one of those special places in the world where you can combine top quality lodging with outstanding fly fishing.

The fly fishing season in Argentina officially begins on November 1st and ends on May 1st.

Río Pico and its surroundings are undoubtedly one of the most outstanding enclaves of Argentine Patagonia due to its beauty and attractions, especially as an ideal place to practice sport fishing, since its lakes and rivers are home to an impressive wealth internationally recognized fish.

The Río Pico area is home to many fishing boats with excellent performance, rivers and lakes of all sizes with various levels of difficulty offered to the fisherman looking for good quality trout and different challenges. Lakes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Los Niños, Lake Engaño, Lake Falso Engaño, etc.

In addition, it has rivers for all tastes, from small and calm ones like the Nilson River, the Pampa River and the Pico River, ideal for light equipment and dry fly or nymph; to the mighty Corcovado River that treasures large specimens of rainbow trout and fontinalis.

We organize personalized fishing trips in the Río Pico region and the area in Argentine Patagonia, an authentic paradise for fishermen, with lonely and silent rivers, lakes and lagoons with transparent waters, enjoying exclusivity with a professional guide from the province. of Chubut every two people. In this way we offer all sport fishing guidance services (guiding, transportation, etc.), and we also take care of your entire stay (accommodation, food, etc.).

Inviting them to discover one of the most outstanding enclaves of Argentine Patagonia for its beauty and attractions at the foot of the mountain range, especially as an ideal place to practice sport fishing, providing a professional service adapted to each fisherman in particular, to make your fishing trip to this remote Patagonian region a unique experience.


A day of fishing in the Río Pico region begins with an excellent breakfast around 8:00 AM, before heading off to the day's fishing spot. After fishing all morning, you will enjoy lunch by the river or lake. After the relaxed lunch, we will continue with the day of fishing, until sunset, around 7:00 PM; and then we will go to the lodge or cabin, depending on the options available, for a comforting dinner, around 9:30 PM.

To then rest to enjoy the next day of fishing in the best way.
Day 1:

Arrival at the Esquel airport, at approximately 2:00 PM. Transfers to the town of Río Pico in approximately two and a half hours.
Upon arrival, presentation of the place and homemade dinner at the place of accommodation.
Day 2:

Fishing in the Pico River throughout the day.
Day 3:

Fishing throughout the day on Lake Three and Lake One.
Day 4:

Fishing during the morning at the famous mouth of the Corcovado River and after lunch, fishing upstream of the Corcovado River.
Day 5:

In the morning he fishes in the Nilson River and in the afternoon he fishes in the Pampa River.
Day 6:

Farewell breakfast and transfer to Esquel airport; return to the city of Buenos Aires.

The programs are made according to the climatic state and the availability of days that the fishermen have to enjoy fly fishing in the Río Pico region.


- All transfers, in a 4X4 truck. Esquel Airport / Río Pico / Esquel Airport.

- Full board (box lunch for fishing).

- Drinks included (Wine, beer, soft drinks and water….)

- Accommodation in hotel, cabins or hostel.

- Professional sport fishing guide in the province of Chubut (1 guide for every 2 fishermen).

- All transfers to the fishing areas.

- Equipment: boats, floats.

- Airfare

- Tips

- Additional drinks (drinks at the Bar (Whiskys...)

- Phone calls

- Fishing license


One of the lodges has a dining room, bar and a warm living room with a fireplace. After enjoying the tasty typical homemade Patagonian food and enjoying the best Argentine wines, the well-deserved rest will arrive, in an environment that will shelter you after an intense day of fishing in the rivers and lakes of the Río Pico area.

The Ranch offers a maximum capacity for 8 fishermen, distributed in 4 very spacious double rooms, all of them have en-suite bathrooms, hot water, gas or wood heating, and emergency lighting. From its windows, you can appreciate the majesty of the Naked and Cone hills, which are part of the Andes mountain range. The lodge is warmly decorated with elements that in previous times were used in the fields of Argentine Patagonia, thus providing the originality of all its environments.

The company can change or modify the program without prior notice for reasons beyond our control (weather problems, flight delays, transfers, hotel availability, etc...).

The company is not responsible for any delay in both national and international flights, nor for the inconveniences and delays that may arise in ground transportation for these reasons.

Nor is it responsible for any injury or physical problem produced during the trip and the services provided.

Equipment: We recommend bringing two equipment, two rods and two reels, a number four rod with a WF floating line and another number six rod with a floating line and a class V shooting head sinking line, or the so-called tenny 200. OR If you want to travel more comfortably a number five rod with floating and sinking shooting head lines is a good option as well.

Wolly buggers with bead head in black, olive and brown colors in (No. 4-10). Rabbits in green, orange, brown and black colors in (N° 2-8). Natural black and brown Marabou Muddles in (#2-8). Matukas Grizzly, black and brown in (No. 6-14).

Prince in (N° 12-16) Cádiz larvae in green and light brown colors in (N° 12-18) Pheasant tail in (N° 12-22) Hare's ear in natural, olive and black colors in (N° 10 -16). Midges in (N°18-22) and Stones fly nymphs in black, brown and olive colors in (N°6-10).

Chernobyl ants in (N° 6-12). Western Adams in (No. 10-16). Stimulators in (No. 6-12). Royal Wulf, Humpys and Bombers in (No. 6-12). Griffiths Gnat in (No. 14-22). Also a selection of land like the hoppers, ants and beatles.

Do not forget to bring enough clothing, since the Río Pico area is characterized by a mountainous climate, with rain and a lot of wind, but it should not be ruled out that it will be a calm and hot day, so we recommend bringing: fleeces both pullovers such as pants, clothing for the water, in addition to everything you need to have a comfortable day of fishing: breathable or neoprene waders, wading boots, rain jacket, polarized sunglasses, hats, etc.

Argentina is free of Whirling Disease, please bring new clothing and equipment, or disinfect your own.

Please contact us for more information.