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Fly Fishing Corcovado

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Fly Fishing Corcovado

The Corcovado River famous for its Fly Fishing in Argentine Patagonia the Corcovado River. It offers an exceptional experience in Argentine Patagonia. About 93 km south of Esquel, it is a region that is considered one of the most extensive, varied and superlative trout fishing opportunities not found anywhere else today.
It is an area made to look like trophies. The angler can catch rainbow trout as large and wild as steelhead (or Steelheads) and brown trout of the order of 4 and 5 kilos, or trout as large or larger than Labrador Creek.
There are also around in its small and large lakes which are excellent fishing environments with a population of basically exceptional quality brook trout.

As the name suggests, Pacific salmon

It enters from the ocean of the same name, so it is a fish that inhabits many Argentine rivers. Although the mountain looks like a big fence for the fish to climb, salmon populate the middle of the Corcovado River. The average weight ranges from 8 to 11 kilos, which makes them important and undoubted exponents of Sports Value.
It is not easy to catch this elusive and capricious fish. You do not have fixed mince schedules, moments that show active and prone to attack. It has been tested with all kinds of lures, spoons and flies. But there is still no definite technique that promises sure success. Is that salmon baits takes only then had passed many times before his eyes. He feels provoked, angry and attacks.
The population of Corcovado has become a real center of attraction for trout wishing to know this unique variety.

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