Fly Fishing

Sports Code of Ethics

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He is a good sport fisherman:

Those who care about knowing the fishing regulations comply with their rules and, fundamentally, are aware of the spirit of conservation of the resource on which the regulation of sport fishing is inspired.

The one who interprets the stipulations of the regulation according to its letter and its spirit, and who, when in doubt, adopts the behaviors that most favor the principles of conservation of fauna, flora and the environment.

The one who is committed to the conservation of rivers, streams, lakes, lagoons, and any other public area in which he develops his sporting activity, demonstrating a willingness to respectfully share the environments with other fishermen and/or users of the resource.

The one who accepts that all types of fishing allowed by regulation are equally sporting, when they are practiced with respect for the fish and the environment.

The one who behaves respectfully both in fishing itself and in the activities that surround it, trying to be an example of conduct.

The one who can bear a poor day of fishing, with dignity and accepting an adverse day; and also the one who is capable of having a successful day without boasting to his colleagues.

The one who modestly transmits his knowledge, and also the one who humbly learns from other more experienced fishermen.