Book Your Fishing Trip to Argentina


We are passionate about what we do. From mountains to the patagonia, we can customize your fishing trip according to your preferences.


On our wading trips we will take you to different streams, rivers and water channels to fish for our Rainbow trout where you will be surrounded by mountains and beautiful flora and fauna.

We have different options that depend on weather conditions and also on our client’s preferences.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a first-time fly fisherman, we will get you to target and catch fish. Patagonia Argentina’s water system is unique for trout fishing, and wading is a perfect approach to our waters.

We offer half-day and full day wading fly fishing trips



Floating trips are a great way to experience fishing in Patagonia Argentina’s lakes. On clear days we fish mainly with dry flies and you will be surprised by how aggressive the takes can get! The highlands can get really windy, that’s when we change our tactic to nymphs and streamers.

If you enjoy casting from a secure boat with beautiful scenery, this is something you must try.


All trips include:

– Transportation from hotel to fishing spot and back after fishing day is over.

– Terminal tackle (leaders, tippet, split shot, strike indicators and flies).

– Fishing license and permissions for the places we fish.

– Lunch, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are included in full day trips.

Half day trips include snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

* We can supply a high quality rod and reel at a small additional charge.

You will be accompanied by an experienced guide who has fished these waters for years.


Depending on your preferences, there are several activities we can offer to complete your trip.

City tours, bird watching, horseback riding, hiking through mountains or just relaxing on beautiful natural hot springs. Let us know, and we can help make your experience unique.


Travel to Patagonia is easy, and we have made it easier yet by offering a friendly and talented travel team to assist you with booking your trip and to get you to and from our fishing lodges safely and efficiently. Traveling to Argentina is a breeze from the USA requiring just an overnight flight and a short 2-hour connection to Patagonia from Buenos Aires. Many find it takes the same, if not less, time than traveling to Alaska or Montana.

Upon booking your trip, we will provide each guest with the best pre-trip travel package in the business and connect you with our logistic specialists working from our base of operations. Our recommendations don’t cost you a penny extra and our only motivation in recommending them is to give our guests the absolute best service. Booking direct with FLY FISHING prevents any confusions, repetitive emails, and misinformation, and by eliminating the middle man, we make sure you are getting the right information in a timely manner ensuring your booking goes smoothly.

Email: [email protected]