Patagonia trout fishing represents the epitome of the sport for intrepid anglers for many reasons. Fly fishing in Patagonia, for starters, places you in the heart of spectacular country—from the windswept steppes of Chubut, where sea-run brown trout reach world-record sizes.

It’s here where Fly Fishing offers a variety of options. Our Patagonia trout fishing lodges, including Chubut and bordering Los Alerces National Park—are legendary.

Fly fishing in Argentina is often compared to Montana and the US West due to the similar landscapes, the abundance of productive water, and fishing pressure that is considered extremely light by modern standards. An Argentina fly fishing trip should absolutely be at the top of the “fishing bucket list” for every serious trout angler. The country is noted for its amazing culture, friendly people, excellent food (the finest steak in the world) as well as wine (amazing Malbecs and Pinot Noirs). On top of all that, the fish are wild, strong and fast.

Throughout Patagonian Argentina, the hatch and insect activity is generally consistent throughout the summer and fall fishing seasons, which means that anglers can almost always “fish the hatch” and throw dries in addition to swinging streamers and fishing large attractor patterns. The Argentina fly fishing lodges, guides and outfitters in areas like San Martin, Esquel, Junin and Rio Pico is the best in South America, making this a great choice for those new to trout fishing who are looking for a week of detailed, on-water instruction. More experienced anglers can focus on technical dry fly fishing or hunting huge trout in a variety of different rivers and streams.

Patagonia Argentina Trout Fishing Lodges

The waters of Patagonia Argentina hold rainbow, brown and brook trout, and though these trout species are found in other locations in the world, few places offer the sheer abundance of unpressured rivers, lakes and spring creeks as found in the southern third of Chile and Argentina. Trout in Patagonia are mostly pursued with large dry flies throughout the entire season. In Patagonia, anglers won’t find many tailwaters rivers, drift boats, paved boat ramps, or strike indicators, rather the opposite – wild rivers, unfenced country, remote settings and happy, large trout!