A hundred and sixty miles southern Esquel is a region considered as one of the most exciting and challenging trout and salmon fishing opportunities found in Patagonia. This is a tailored area for trophy fish. Anglers can hook rainbows as big as steelheads, or browns and brooks as big or more than Labrador. The Rio Corcovado is famous for its great production of large rainbows and brooks. The lower Rio Pico and Nilson are pretty small streams with thousands of fish a mile; these 2 streams are perfect for dry fly fishing. Lots of huge trout can be found in stillwaters such as Lago 3. We can also fish the waters of the upper Rio Pico and Nilson. From the estancia where we are lodged we can go walking to mostly every fishing place. All the experience in Rio Pico will be unforgettable and you will live some days as a real “gaucho argentino”.

Even though this area gains more and more reputation, the most productive is the Pico river, which offers a huge quantity of voracious and non selective rainbows, some browns and, ocassionally, salmon coming from the Pacific Ocean. Captures in this river go from 16 to 20 inches.

Lago Vinter and Rio Corcovado are a different world! Those ready to stand a hard weather in March and April will be able to get brookes of more than 4 pounds or even more, and ocassionaly monster rainbow. A huge challenge for those looking for the trophy.

Rio Nilson is the most indicated for those looking for continuate action. Hundreds of small and medium trout take every kind of fly. However the angler needs extreme precise fly presentation and a lot of line control to get to some of the best places.

Lagos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, situated in the Rio Pico region, gain reputation as time goes by, because of the huge trout that live in them. We float all of them, and we use dry flies, nymphs, and streamers depending on the season time. The average size is 4 pounds and it is worth to try and get the trophy! You can catch many trout of about 24 inches, either brown or rainbows. An excellent place to get a trophy fish!

Esquel and Rio Pico Program. Nine nights, eight and a half fishing days.

Day 1: Arrival at Esquel Airport at 14:30 hours, transfer to the Accommodation, optional fishing Laguna Willmanco

Day 2: Float fishing the Rivadavia River / rafts

Day 3: Wade fishing Arroyo Pescado spring creek

Day 4: Fishing in the Rio Grande

Day 5: Transfer to Rio Pico, half day fishing in the Rio Pico

Day 6: Full day fishing in the Rio Pico

Day 7: Fishing Rio Pico and Las Pampas rivers

Day 8: Fishing day at Lake Tres or Nilson river

Day 9: Half day fishing in Rio Pico, transfer to Esquel

Day 10: Optional fishing Laguna Willmanco in the morning, transfer to the Airport 14:00 hours


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