The Esquel or Trevelin region resembles fishing in the American west in many ways, but the water and the way it flows through the Andes Mountains is unique just to this region. Rivers in this area originate from snowpack from in the Andes Mountains or from spring creeks born in Patagonia Steppe. Unique to this region, all rivers except for the Arroyo Pescado, Tecka, and Chubut flow west – through the Andes – to join the Pacific Ocean and not the Atlantic like many other rivers in Argentina.

Waters in this area are as varied as the countryside, and there are many different kinds of creeks, lakes and rivers, which all contain excellent numbers of wild trout. Some of the rivers are large and carry a substantial volume of water year round; others are small and intimate and require a stealthy approach; and others offer miles to walk and fish large attractor patterns. About half of the area rivers can be floated while the other half are perfect to wade. The area is one of the most visually stunning in Argentina and home to Fly Fishing Lodge at Trevelin – Fly Fishing base of operations. Click on the image of the MAP for a larger version.